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In this boy meets girl world type film, we find the main character as an aloof 20 something guy without a care in the world sleeping on his best friends sofa. Nothing spectacular there as he and his friend are all about going on some dream skiing trip. In order to do so, they take temporary jobs to build up to that day. Enter the girl, not as aloof but a bit off-centered as their relationship starts off a wee bit antagonistic. That soon melts away with a quick jump of the two have sex and more sex and more sex. Not too much depth there but in the course of their relationship, the girl gets feelings. She wants more from the relationship including a commitment from him. She's tired of the "F buddies" casting but he's content with that for whatever reasons. Well, his reasons are that he doesn't want to turn out like his stoner father and he has experienced the loss of his mother at a young age. His father lives on a boat he's leasing from a friend.The supposed pressure that he's on with his F buddy causes him to lash out and the relationship ends. At the same time, his best friend is also reevaluating his life. He wants more than just a ski trip after finding out a past girlfriend is dead after being attacked by a bear. He wants to dance now, not ski. this leave our main character in a state of flux. He basically kamikaze his temp job which leads to him taking a temp job at an adult sex shop emporium. As he continues to work there, his ex-girlfriend shows up there with her new/old boyfriend. The sex shop was previously visited by them when they were a couple. Awkwardness ensues as it isn't revealed that they know each other with the new/old boyfriend who describes a particular sex act she performed on him which she didn't do with him. Moving forward, the roommate has pursued his lukewarm dance career by performing at some experimental theater. The main character attends and find his ex and her new/old boyfriend there. They spot each other and nothing happens. It ends like a fizzing Alka-Seltzer tablet. No Happy Ever afters, just life.

Genre(s): Comedy, Romance

Année: 08 Apr 2016

Acteur(s): Ryan Sage,

Réalisateur(s): Grant Rosenmeyer, Lindsey Shaw, Reid Ewing, Eden Sher,

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