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les enquêtes de murdoch S09E03 Saison 09 Episode 03

We say adieu to cast member Georgina Reilly as her character Dr. Emily Grace leaves the series. Dr. Grace and her "lover" Lillian Moss are about to depart for England when Lillian is killed in the street. Both Murdoch and Crabtree are there to help, but now Emily's secret is revealed to them: she is a lesbian or Sapphist as it was termed then. Both men are surprised and even more so that Inspector Thomas Brackenreid had known previously but had said nothing. As the case is investigated, Dr, Grace is disappointed to discover that Lillian Moss had a previous lover and that the name she had been using was assumed. At the episodes end, Dr. Grace is reconciled to the facts but rather than return to her position as coroner, she will go on to England alone and perhaps there to begin her life again. I will admit to a puzzlement as to why the writers decided to change Dr. Graces's character rather abruptly as originally she began as the girlfriend to George Crabtree. It was certainly an interesting plot departure.

Genre(s): Crime, Drama, Mystery

Année: 26 Oct 2015

Acteur(s): Gary Harvey,

Réalisateur(s): Yannick Bisson, Joanne Boland, Thomas Craig, Peter Michael Dillon,

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