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le bon gros géant

As good as The BFG looks it is a huge disappointment for me. I like Roald Dahl's stories (I used to read them to my classes and the children loved them), but I never got around to The BFG. The movie is well set and beautifully filmed as one would expect from Spielberg but I don't think the story is strong enough for a big movie the like of which this is supposed to be. It has had some good reviews, mainly praising Mark Rylance's portrayal of the giant but I am afraid I do not rate him as an actor at all. I have only seen him on the small screen and really could not accept him as a good performer. Many people are raving about his stage work so maybe that is where it is at. To be fair I have only watched about 30 minutes of the film so far but it has failed to grab me at all. In fact I am about to switch it off through boredom. Spielberg's work has always impressed me previously with the emotion,story telling and the visuals but this has missed the mark big time.

Genre(s): Adventure, Family, Fantasy

Année: 01 Jul 2016

Acteur(s): Steven Spielberg,

Réalisateur(s): Mark Rylance, Ruby Barnhill, Penelope Wilton, Jemaine Clement,

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