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kingsglaive: final fantasy xv

First off I a huge Final Fantasy fan with my favorite games being FFX and FF7. After watching this movie I am worried about FFXV. Based solely on this movie, I am considering waiting a week to buy FFXV to see it's true colors. For example, No Man's Sky was hyped to be an amazing and epic game, only to fail so badly that many players requested full refunds. The only thing I liked about this movie was the realistic looking CGI and imagery. I can't imagine how anyone other than a FF fanboy could even sit through this movie. I actually created an account just to make my first review, which is for this movie. I am just so incredibly disappointed that I felt I had to warn people not to watch it.There is no character or story development. It just throws you into a futuristic time with random characters and random people. It shows random scenes that don't make any sense relative to the "Story", you're forced to go along with the ride and accept all these random things going on. It talks about all these different things without explaining or giving backstory to them. There are scenes where characters die and they play sad emotional music in the background to try to make you feel sad, but I could not relate emotionally at all. I would feel more sad watching a random dog die in this movie over one of these characters. It completely fails trying to engage you into the story, half the time I was trying to figure out what the point of this movie even was. Halfway through the movie I was regretting even watching it, I even felt bad that I dedicated 2 hours to watch it. The ending was horrible, the main character defeats the main villain and all of the sudden the war ends and the princess is free to walk into the city and all is happy and well, I don't even know, it was so boring I was fighting to stay awake. Please don't spend $15 on this movie, because you can't get it back.

Genre(s): Adventure, Animation, Drama

Année: 19 Aug 2016

Acteur(s): Takeshi Nozue,

Réalisateur(s): Aaron Paul, Lena Headey, Sean Bean, Neil Newbon,

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