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flash 2014 Saison 3 Episode 5

This season has begun just about as good as I can remember any of the Arrowverse shows beginning a season. Which is why it's not all that shocking that this episode took a bit of a step back in quality. Really, there wasn't a whole lot beneath the surface here, just your average filler episode.Caitlin took centerfold this week as she visited her mother to see if she could figure out exactly what's wrong with her. This feels a whole lot like when Donna Smoak made her first appearance a few seasons ago with Felicity, except Caitlin chose to seek her mother out, instead of the other way around. Hopefully Caitlin's mother can have a more impactful presence on The Flash than Donna Smoak did. Unfortunately, this episode didn't really do anything to give me any reason to believe that. Caitlin didn't find much out about her current condition and it's not like the lab is going to factor into the larger picture this year. Sadly, I just didn't get a ton out of this side arc.She chose not to reveal her exact reasons for visiting her mother to Cisco, but I suspect that will come to a head in the coming weeks. Speaking of someone not revealing their true self, Wells aka 'HR' was exposed for being a fraud of sorts this week. Of course, he doesn't necessarily see it that way with him "giving" the ideas to his co- workers at his Star Labs in Earth 19. It's a strange but not unexpected twist to come from a Wells character on this show. I still tend to believe there's plenty more up this Wells sleeve, but we shall see. His "no one questions why I'm here" line should give us all concern. But as a whole, I'm enjoying his different dynamic with the team.Tonight's obstacle for The Flash came by ways of a hologram monster created by a teenager wanting to feel power. Yeah, it's safe to say that wasn't the writers most effective ideas. At its premise it's cool seeing Barry try and take down a Godzilla-like creature, but the execution wasn't there. Nor did the focus ever feel like it was on the monster or the kid anyway, so Joe's speech towards the end didn't feel earned. Plus, the whole 'taking down a giant using the Empire Strikes Back AT-AT' felt ripped right out of Civil War's airport battle. This episode really lacked inspiration.The most interesting developments came from Barry and Julian spending some quality time together. It's about time we had a Tom Felton-Grant Gustin centered show, and the episode delivered in that regard for sure. We got plenty of depth from Julian as he dealt with nearing killing a teenage boy and misjudging meta-humans as well as Barry. We don't know Julian's connection to Alchemy, if any, but I feel like all his bashing on meta-humans and his hatred towards Barry is meant to give us more clues than it is to mislead us. If that makes any sense.While pretty uneventful, tonight's Flash gave us a few tidbits from Julian and Wells to save it from being a complete misstep. As for now, I feel like we need an Alchemy centered episode (which is what we are getting next week), as I'm pretty sure it's been 3 weeks since his last appearance.+Wells new dynamic+Julian and Barry focused-The Caitlin arc didn't feel complete-Lack of inspiration in its villain choice7.2/10

Genre(s): action, Aventure, Drame

Année: 01 Nov 2016

Acteur(s): C. Kim Miles,

Réalisateur(s): Grant Gustin, Candice Patton, Danielle Panabaker, Carlos Valdes,

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